Email marketing is a marketing method that is often carried out by online businesses by using e-mail media. Email marketing is sent to prospective customers who have never bought a product, and also to customers who are already customers. In addition to sending e-mail product offers to prospective buyers, e-mail media is also often used as a medium to establish good relations with subscribers via e-mail newsletters. With e-mail marketing, an entrepreneur can continuously connect with customers or prospective customers. In addition to offering products, email marketing can also make the relationship between business people and their customers well maintained in the long run. Some of the benefits of Campaign Monitor or Emma have been mentioned before. To complete it, here are some of the benefits of email marketing for your online business:

1. Personal

Personal / personal email marketing will usually get more attention from customers or prospective customers. When customers / prospective customers feel comfortable receiving e-mails from us, it will be much easier to offer them anything by e-mail that we send.

2. Information Delivered Faster

Sending promotional or offer messages via postal mail is usually much longer than e-mail. Plus, we also have to wait for customer responses through the mail they send by post, it will definitely take a long time and be ineffective. With email marketing, we can reach customers in a very fast time directly to their personal email so that the results will be faster.

3. Much cheaper costs

Indeed, we need services from responder e-mail providers, but these costs will be far cheaper and more effective than if we use physical mail. Responsive direct mail is usually higher, which is why email marketing is very profitable.

4. Campaign Monitor

We can measure the Campaign Monitor that we do through e-mail marketing because we can see how many e-mails are sent to customers and how the customer responds. That way, we can do a better analysis of the campaigns carried out and can immediately make changes to the campaign when needed.

5. Building a Good Relationship with Customers

As mentioned earlier, we can easily establish good relationships with customers and prospective customers through email marketing. The emails we send can be in the form of tips, important information, product promotions, etc. in an easier way.

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