Making a resume is a highly codified exercise. How to write a resume and present it so that it makes recruiters want to meet you and convince them that you are the ideal candidate? Take an hour or two to refine your resume. You will have a base that you can adapt to each of your applications.In a good CV, the recruiter finds at a glance all the information that is useful to them. You must be catchy, clear, and concise.A CV should preferably fit on one page, be written with a classic font on a white background. Beware of spelling errors.

Give a title to your resume

At the top, let your CV clearly indicating the title of the position you are targeting. For example “Export Sales Assistant”, this title is essential because it is not up to the recruiter to guess for which position you are applying. You can also put in title a professional objective, for example “objective to become technician” in the case of a research of learning contract. The title and as well as all the words in the CV are very important because more and more companies are using tools that analyze keywords to select the applications they receive. Thus it is important to take professional help from resume writing services who knows the quality of the resume better than you and will definitely let your CV shine among the others.

Do not forget your phone and email

In the top left you can enter your details such as first name in capital letters, age, address, telephone number and email. In the coordinates, remember to note a phone number and an email address.Today, recruiters contact candidates mainly by these two ways.The mailing address is not necessarily necessary. For your resume to be credible, give a non-whimsical email address, simply your first name and last name. And remember to record a suitable greeting on your phone. You can also specify your availability and your geographical mobility.This will prevent the recruiter from having to search for the email or the letter of motivation to find this information.

Conclusion: Presentation of the CV: original or classic?

A CV well presented with a little color makes recruiters want to read it. You can put the logos of the big companies you worked in. Originality may have its place provided it adapts to the field in which one postulates. When you propose a management controller position, recruiters can expect something more classic. It’s good to stand out but watch out for excess color or overloading the CV. On the CVs of the young graduates it is the training that will interest the recruiters the most.Some recruiters appreciate that you specify your mentions, others do not.